Chrysalis: The hidden transformation in the journey of faith By: Alan Jamieson
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RECOMMENDATION From Len Sweet "With Chrysalis, Alan Jamieson emerges as the dominant journey-theologian of our time. A book of immense spiritual wealth, Jamieson's serene, soaring mastery of the spiritual journey is destined to become a classic."

A title in the series - FAITH IN AN EMERGING CULTURE Published by Paternoster Press UK Chrysalis uses the life-cycle of butterflies as a metaphor for the faith journey that many contemporary people are experiencing. Drawing on the three principal phases of a butterfly's life and the transformations between these phases the book suggests subtle similarities with the zones of Christian faith that many encounter. For butterflies and Christians change between these "phases" or "zones" is substantial, life-changing and irreversible. Because for generations the butterfly has been a symbol of the soul, (even the Greek word for soul and butterfly are the same) it is an evocative and meaningful analogy.

This book accompanies ordinary people in the midst of substantive faith change. It is also an excellent resource for those who choose to support others through faith transformations. Chrysalis is primarily pastoral and practical drawing on the author's experience of accompanying people in the midst of difficult personal faith changes.

A Churchless Faith

By: Alan Jamieson (SPCK 2002)

RECOMMENDATION by Len Sweet - "Of all the 'original research' into congregational life that has taken place in the past decade, Alan's work on church leavers is the most important. It's impact has been enormous. I require it [to be read] by all my doctoral students of divinity, and it is referenced wherever I go."

RECOMMENDATION by Prof Robin Gill - "This is a lively and topical book is written very fluently, it is based upon genuine research and it tackles an issue that is extremely important to churches today - namely finding out why people leave churches." (Professor Robin Gill, Michael Ramsey Chair of Modern Theology, University of Kent at Canterbury.)
Journeying in Faith

By: Alan Jamieson (SPCK 2004)

The journey of faith is not easy, particularly for those who find themselves inextricably drawn beyond the confines of established religion towards the unknown horizons of Christian belief.Journeying in Faith is a provocative and moving book exploring the kind of faith that is built up by many church leavers in the dark and lonely places of faith, and how that faith can be nurtured and developed.
Church Leavers: Faith Journey's Five Years On

By: Alan Jamieson, Jenny McIntosh & Adrienne Thompson (SPCK 2006)

Continues the research of church leavers five years on.The book combines two stories. Firstly, the faith journeys of the church leavers who lay behind A Churchless Faith. This new book goes back to these people and asks how their faith and connections with church have changed over the years. Sold in NZ and Australia as 'Five Years On'